Painting FAQ
Which is the best season for painting ?
Any season of the year is good when you are working with experts. When painting exteriors allow the paint to dry for linger time during rains.

When should I schedule painting while constructing the structure?
Painting should be scheduled as the finishing step after carpentry, electrical work etc are completed..

Is there any paint I can use on aluminium surfaces?
Aluminium starts looking shabby after some time especially it has come in contact with acidic or alkaline materials like cement, lime or caustic soda. You could use the following to protect aluminium surfaces -

  Bison Wash Primer
  One coat of Luxol Zinc Crome Primer / Red oxide Cromate Primer
  2-3 coats of Luxol High Gloss
What should I do before painting on asbestos cement?
First you need to check the pH value of the surface. Wipe the surface clean and use bio-wash with 5 % dilution with clean soft water. After 24 hours wash the surface with clean water, let it dry completely before you start painting..
What can I use for painting interiors with asbestos surfaces?
Use a coat or two of Berger Cement Primer (ST) or (WT). Thereafter, apply a top coat like Berger Easy, Luxol Silk, Rangoli Easy Clean, Rangoli Fashion Finish, Bison Super Emulsion, Bison Super Acrylic Distemper or Bison Acrylic Distemper.

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